FY 2017: 1st Quarter Expense Report

By Mrs. Song Reports

2017 1st quarter expenses
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I want to start off by saying, we’re by no means frugal. We’re trying to cut down expenses, but as you might see we have quite a ways to go.

Since I’ve been reading many different financial blogs, I definitely feel the numbers I’m about to put here feels like a mega outlier. I debated whether I should do this at all. But I’m going to because these are the real numbers, and the blog is as much for our own sake as for our readers to get another data point.

2017 1st Quarter Expenses
Category Expense Notes
Mortgage $5,658.39 30-Year Fixed @ 3.875%.
Home Repair & Improvements $17,801.98 Backyard overhaul and water leak repair.
Car Loan $1,954.77 4-Year Fixed @ 0%.
Car Related Expenses $1,155.46 Insurance, maintenance, and gas for 2 cars.
Utilities & Bills $1,222.99 Electric, waste, gas, internet, and 2 cell phone bills.
Medical & Health $440.72 Dental visit, vitamins & supplements, protein powder.
Grocery (Food) 1,067.30
Dining Out $799.86
Grocery (Household) $536.15
Dogs $171.43 Stocked up on discounted Costco dog treats.
Travel $3,357.78 Booked Europe Trip.
Gifts To Others $191.99
Mr. Song’s Expenses $1,705.80 New computer.
Mrs. Song’s Expenses $906.39
Other $749.43 Costco membership, turbo tax, Chase Sapphire Reserve annual fee.
Total $37,720.44

This was a pretty bad quarter. We had many large purchases that simply blew up our expense.

The major one was our backyard overhaul. We planned for the overhaul since a year ago and had saved up for it. It was something we agreed was too big for us to do ourselves, and we would hire contractors for the work.

Unfortunately labor is expensive, especially since the housing market is ridiculously hot in Seattle right now. Even though we had gotten quite a few bids and went with the cheapest, it was still a huge chunk of money. I love the result though! (I might write about it later)

We also booked our Europe trip. Initially we were thinking of only doing a road trip to Yellowstone as our “vacation of the year”. But because we’ve been considering the possibility of having a kid in the near future, we decided to just do the trip now before we’re unable to.

There were a couple unexpected expenses:

  1. Mr. Song’s computer died after 8 years, and had to buy new parts… nice, powerful (expensive) gaming parts. Hopefully that’ll last him another 8 years.
  2. Our house also had a water leak that we had to get fixed. That was quite pricey.

You might notice we have Mr. Song’s and Mrs.Song’s expenses categories. Each month we give ourselves an “allowance” that we can save up or use on personal expenses, such as haircut, lunch out, new shoes, etc. Our finance is completely joined, so this is our way of giving each other a bit of freedom on spending money while being “fair”.

Yeah, I’m not too proud of this number. BUT while we may not fit the frugal category to a T, we’re always making responsible financial decisions. We’re still living below our means and have not been digging a debt hole for ourselves.

Do you also occasionally have bad months? Do you find yourself relatively prepared or do they knock you off your feet and turn your world upside down? How do you recover from it?