Favorite Blogs

Good things are meant to be shared. Below is a list of blogs that I enjoy frequenting, in no particular order.

If you have any good suggestions, throw it my way!

Mr Money Moustache – If you’ve embarked on your journey to FIRE, you’ve most likely heard of him. A husband and a dad in his late 30s, achieved FIRE through frugal living.

Root of Good – Justin was able to retire at 33 with a wife and 3 kids through careful planning and saving. He’s very transparent on his blog, so if you like numbers definitely check him out!

Our Next Life – A DINK couple in their late 30/early 40 preparing to retire 2017. Some of their posts focus on discussing and challenging an idea or thought, which makes them a fun read.

Go Curry Cracker – A young couple in their 30s who retired in 2012 and are now traveling the world with their son.

1500 Days to Freedom – A husband and a dad to two young children with a goal to reach FIRE in 1500 days. He did it in 3 years.

Frugalwoods – A retired couple in their 30s living on a 66-acre homestead with their daughter.

Route to Retire – Engineer turned manager, Jim is planning to retire by 2025, before he turns 50.

Give Me Back My Five Bucks – Krystal is a PF blogger based in Vancouver, Canada.

Mustard Seed Money – A full-time accountant in his 30s, targeting retirement at age 40.

Independence Endeavor – A 40 something Canadian couple with 5 children, aiming to become debt free over the next several years.

Planting Our Pennies – A young couple in early 30s who publishes monthly income statement and balance sheet updates. And cute kitty posts.