Europe Trip Booked!

By Mrs. Song Travel

Europe Travel

Yes, we did! We’re flying to Europe for 2 weeks.

$1,622 per person for flight, accommodation, and transportation.

I’ve been dreaming about going to Europe since I was in high school. Unfortunately as a student you don’t really have much money, and my parents were pretty protective of me so solo backpacking on a budget was not an option.

Between school happening and life happening, we finally said it’s now or not until a long time later, especially if we were to have kids in the near future.

It’s a lot shorter than I wanted since Mr. Song doesn’t get a lot of flexible vacation days in a year, but it’s probably for the best as it helps keep our expenses at a modest level.

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Welcome to Living the Song!

By Mrs. Song Travel

Welcome on board the path to FIRE

Do you sometimes read other people’s blogs about how they retired in their 30s and are traveling the world, and you think to yourself, “they sure are living the life”? We certainly do! And we would love to follow their footsteps and be “Living the Song”.

Welcome to Living the Song and thanks for stopping by! We’re Mr. and Mrs. Song.

Unlike other FIRE (Financial Independence/Retirement Early) blogs, you won’t find here philosophies on saving and being frugal, nor in depth discussion on why you should pursue FIRE or how you should invest money, because we are not subject matter experts.

What you will find is our honest efforts at saving money whenever we can and a front-seat view at how we carve our own path to financial independence.

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