How Not To Splurge At IKEA

By Mrs. Song Life

IKEA Cafeteria Line

IKEA Renton opened its newly renovated two-story store back in February. We’ve been wanting one of those VIDGA curtain panel to cover our laundry nook, so we planned a trip to check it out last weekend.

We made the newbie mistake of underestimating the power of IKEA. The weather was great, hence many families and shoppers were out. Coupled by the fact that IKEA was still in midst of constructing a new parking lot, parking was a NIGHTMARE. We had to park in the overflow parking lot. Shuttle service was provided but we chose to walk.

If you can, definitely try to go during weekday work hours, or weekend right before store opens.

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Dealing with Costly Water Leak

By Mrs. Song Life

Plumber digging

About a month ago, our utility company notified us that we had a water leak somewhere on our property. The fun part of home ownership right? We left it in the back of our mind since nothing jumped out as “THIS IS A LEAK”, until we received our utility bill and noticed that we were charged $70 more than usual! The leak was unfortunately real. We had no prior experiences in dealing with water leaks, so we googled instructions on “how to locate a water leak”, and tried to follow along.

Locating the Water Shutoff Valve(s)

Most websites told us to first locate the main shut-off valve to determine whether the leak was inside the house or outside, but oftentimes the instructions were vague and confusing. Especially since there is a difference between warm-weather water system and cold-weather water system.

For warm-weather water system, which seems to be the system used around greater Seattle area, there will typically be two shutoff valves: one by the water meter, and another near the house. The one by the water meter shuts off water service from the city. If there was a leak before the water service reaches the meter, it would be the city’s responsibility to fix. The other shut off valve located near or in the house disconnects the water service going into the house, but does not impact the water service running through the yard.

How to Locate Your Gas Shutoff Valve and Water Shutoff Valve” by The Family Handyman actually did a very good job illustrating the systems.

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From Vancouver to Seattle

By Mrs. Song Life

Moving from Vancouver to Seattle

In 2013, Mr. and Mrs. Song packed up their Vancouver belongings and drove 225 km (140 miles) across the border to start our work life in Bellevue. I was in my dad’s red minivan where we stuffed Mr. Song’s full-size bed in, the bed that we still sleep on now, along with other old household items that we pilfered from our families.

We never thought we’d move out of Vancouver, BC. Why would we? Vancouver is a beautiful city with diverse culture and much better Asian food. Although most Vancouverites complain about how bad their transit system is, I feel it’s better than Seattle’s. Some say Vancouverites are friendlier than Seattleites, but we found the opposite.

We ended up moving to Seattle for a few reasons.

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