About Us

Welcome to Living the Song!

We are the Songs, a married couple who graduated and started working in 2013 and aiming to retire by 2027.

3 Things We Believe

  1. Living within our means. It’s not about how much we earn, it’s about how much we spend.
  2. Happy wife, happy life. And the wife is happy when there’s food on the table and money in the bank.
  3. Comparison is the thief of joy. There will always be people more well off than us, who get to retire earlier than us; it doesn’t matter. All that matters is we are happy with ourselves, and we enjoy our journey and our life.

Who Are We

Mr. Song and Mrs. Song both grew up in beautiful rainy British Columbia, Canada. Near the end of our university life, we found each other, fell in love, graduated together in 2013, and migrated south to Seattle, Washington to start our career life.

Two years after living together, we decided to tie the knot! We also purchased our first modestly priced ranch house that we share with our two forever shedding Aussies.

Currently Mr. Song is working as a Financial Analyst and Mrs. Song as a Software Engineer.

Read more about our backstory here.

Journey to FIRE

We discovered FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) on Reddit back in 2015 and fell in love with the idea of Financial Independence. Who wouldn’t love to not have to work for the sake of making a living, but rather work for the sake of work (or heck don’t work at all and travel the world!) Since then we’ve scrounged the internet for personal finance blogs and articles, and while we’re by no means experts on the matter, we’ve embarked on this journey together.

Our goal is to be financially independent before 40.

Living the Song

Living the Song began in February 2017 when we decided we want to track our financial stumbles, failures and successes on our journey to FIRE. Unlike most successful FI bloggers out there who we feel are super disciplined and experts on the matter, we fall in the more mediocre (undisciplined) category. While we would like to reach FIRE, we will most likely splurge when we feel like it. Rather than trying to cut down all unnecessary expenses, we’ll be making necessary trade-offs so we can still make good progress towards early retirement, but not suffer along the way.

A goal of ours in sharing our journey online is to reach out to folks similar to us who also likes the idea of FIRE, but know not much about it, and may feel it’s unattainable. We want to show that the path to FIRE is not linear. The journey is not one-size-fits-all, and it takes time to figure out what works or doesn’t work for individuals. In sharing our story, we hope to show you a different path and inspire you to pursue your own.

Find your path to financial independence

Other Interests

We are big time gamers. For a period of time we were playing League of Legends and Overwatch together after work every day. At the moment Mr. Song is mostly playing Diablo and Titanfall and Mrs. Song is playing cutsie games like Stardew Valley, FFXV, and Aura Kingdom.

Aside from gaming, Mr. Song enjoys dabbling in investing and watching movies and documentaries. He has also fell in love with watch collecting (which Mrs. Song highly disapproves of…), and has his eyes set on Patek Philipp Grand Complication.

Meanwhile Mrs. Song loves creative expressions, and spends some of her free time drawing and improving her photography skills.

We both love food and travel (life goals!) so you’ll also see us posting articles on those topics where we include our expense breakdowns and such.

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  1. I have always considered myself very lucky that my wife liked to game. Before kids, we would come home from work and play Baulders Gate or Champions of Norath until bed time, oh good times!

    1. Post

      Those who game together, stay together! Especially if you also enjoy board games, they make great inexpensive and fun social nights 🙂

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